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Don't touch it or hand out to others! Just leave it for Horizon Star


In the importing and exporting industry, there is a rule every one knows that You can not afford to make a mistake when it comes to Customs Brokerage. It's absolutely true! 


Incorrectly filing an entry, product misclassification, incorrect value declaration or misreading a regulatory stipulation can lead to costly delays, service failures, possible fines, and seizure of goods.


With a keen consulting eye, our seasoned customs experts help you define your needs and stay focused on finding opportunities to contain costs and minimize risk. We look closely at your commodities and use our expertise to help ensure you're paying the appropriate amount of tariffs, duties, and declared values. Our approach is to determine how value can best be added to your processes. We look at your customs "value stream," which includes compliance, release and analysis, as a way of effectively managing cost.


At the same time, we help you conform to existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing compliance laws. With all the variables and challenges that importing creates, our streamlined approach to customs brokerage means less risk, fewer errors, and reduced costs for you.


Horizon Star helps you in:

  • Paperless entry and entry summary environment

  • Automated Broker Interface (ABI)

  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)

  • Automated Manifest System (AMS)

  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) transmissions and alerts

  • Specialists of Food, Pharmaceuticals and other FDA compliance

  • Bonds and insurance services

  • Duty drawback and reconciliation

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)

  • Business reviews and compliance consultation


Keep in your mind that Don't hand out pieces of your customs brokerage to different companies—simplify your process by working exclusively with Horizon Star! We minimize your risk and future potential costs of non-compliance also you can easily bundle your customs brokerage with Horizon Star's ocean freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, and domestic freight services.


Get started to enjoy this one-stop solution!

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