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What is the BEST Term for my purchasing?


We suggest you use FOB terms which can lower your freight cost and allows you to have full control of the goods you paid for.

If this is still not clear, don't worry, give us a call or send us an email we will make it easier for you.



If I choose to have my overseas vendor do all the freight moving for me which I think is the easiest way, but I still want to CONTROL MY FREIGHT COST How can I do it? 


We agree that sometimes it is a simpler and easier way to import by getting a quote including the cost of the goods and freight from your vendor. However, if you want to know and control your freight cost at the same time, we suggest before paying the down payment 

to your vendor, go find and consult a reliable and experienced freight forwarder, Remember if they have existence in the country your are importing from that will be better, and even much better if they are aslo a lcensed US Customs Broker.



Under my vendor's suggestion, I chose CIF term for which I thought I have paid all the freight charges for moving the goods from origin to my named port. But why do I think I am getting OVERCHARGED 

anyway? Why do I keep receiving invoices with different charge items from anyone involved? 


Getting unexpected invoices is not good and frustrating since it seems like everyone that sends you an invoice has the control of your shipment. However, this situation could have been totally avoided if you had consulted a reliable and experienced freight forwatder at the very beginning of your purchasing process. 

CLICK HERE , let us to make your importing a COST EFFECTIVE & HASSLE FREE experience!




This is my first time importing, do I need a license to import something?


You do not need a license to act as an importer. However, some items require a license or permit from various government agencies in order to be imported. For more complete information, please CLICK HERE




If I consult Horizon Star and ask for a rate quote, will I feel obliged to do business with Horizon Star?


Absolutely NOT! We are more than happy to give you our professional suggestion and a detailed rates quote, BUT we will never make you feel obliged to stick with us, as we value you as a long term business partner.



I want to give Horizon Star a try, but I am still a little uncomfortable... as nowadays, nobody wants to try new things, right?


Yes, almost everyone of us at least had one  bad experience for trying new things, however this doesn't mean we will never try new things. Sticking to one guy makes us feel safe and comfortable but in reality we all know this is not right. We know we may pay more for the feeling of safe and comfort. The bad thing is, that even that feeling could be only an illusion. We as human beings are just afraid of change. 


Don't be afraid of change! 

Contact Horizon Star, we will prove to you the change you made was not a bad one. 

We will give you business references, and real people you can reach out to listen to their testimonies and pleasant experiences with Horizon which will make you feel thoroughly comfortable. 



What is your E+ Service? 


E+ Service means Expectation Plus Service


We try to find out what is your expectation and provide you the Expectation Plus Service.


We act and react more promptly

We try not to fall behind our promises to you

We do more work for you

We are more accessible 

We are more professional

We are more informative


We believe

The time we saved for you makes your job easier and you can be more concentrated on your specialties.


The money we saved for you makes your business more successful which makes ours too.



Please contact us for more...










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